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Royal Union and its affiliates is a locally owned real estate developer in the state of Nevada, USA. Current real estate assets, Including stabilized properties and projects in development total over 24,000 acres through the South West. We believe our success, both past and future is the derivative of a few Important asserts: concise operating principles; a clear focus; dedicated, motivated, and talented people; and superior product designs that meet the customer’s needs and demands.

Royal Union strives to be a leader, maintaining a position on the leading edge of the real estate industry. Our focus is on the development and management of office, industrial, retail and apartment properties, along with master planned land development, solar farms and green village. Attractive well located land purchases, coupled with attention to detail and hands-on involvement has enabled Royal Union to provide superior, long term financial returns to its investors and partners.

Royal Union continually strives to understand and serve its tenants and their needs and demands. We pursue excellence in design, value and style while placing the highest emphasis on customer service in all aspects. The Company and its staff work under a management system, based upon the recognition that successful community development requires substantial involvement and presence in the local business, social, and governmental environments. It is the Company’s philosophy that this participation in the life of the community is not only a civic responsibility, but also sound business practice.

Royal Union enjoys a reputation as one of the West’s premier mixed-use property developers. Its philosophy is to build “top-of-the-market” products in the best possible locations, with the intention of creating properties and values targeted to institutional investors.

Having roots in Las Vegas since 1950, and a reputation for closing deals, most real estate opportunities are presented to us first. Strong relationships exist and are nourished with associates in the development industry, from sub contractors to leasing brokers and land sellers. Associating ourselves with the best professionals insures the most successful projects.


Royal Union is privately owned by the Hesser family. Royal Union and its affiliates have created and own a wide range of real estate assets including millions of square feet of office, industrial, and retail projects, all located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Key executives of Royal Union have extensive experience and advanced educational degrees in such interdisciplinary fields as accounting, finance, urban planning, architecture, and business management. The core senior management team combines not only a broad range of experience and talents, but also the entrepreneurial spirit which leads to creativity and innovative problem solving.

Executive Officers of Royal Union

Vincent Hesser


Vincent Hesser is Chief Operating and Financial for Royal Union. His areas of responsibility included coordinating the development of corporate policies, goal, and objectives relative to company operations; lender and investor relations; and financial performance and growth. He oversees daily company operations and business affairs to ensure that business objectives were achieved. Mr. Hesser obtained project equity and debt financing of over $500 Million for various real estate projects.

Mr. Hesser began his career at PriMerit Bank in Las Vegas, Nevada, responsible for analyzing, evaluating, and reporting on numerous real estate joint ventures throughout the southwestern United States, totaling over $85 Million in equity investments. He also assisted the bank in their reviews with the OTS and FDIC in relation to those investments.

Mr. Hesser is a graduate of Southern Utah University and earned a Master of Accountancy degree, summa cum laude and with high distinction. He has obtained his CPA Certificate and is the qualifying individual for the Nevada contractor license of Royal Union Contractors LLC, the general contractor for Royal Union Properties and Development LLC.

Michael Q. Hesser


Mike has had forty years of valuable experience in the field of real estate investment management. Prior to moving to Las Vegas in 1989, he lived in Phoenix, Arizona, where he held the position of investment managing partner in a local real estate partnership and was president of a real estate investment management association. Through this group he handled the acquisition disposition investment management of all real estate assets and carried out the structured financing for each asset. He not only excelled in the typical aspects of real estate, but also supervised the more in-depth areas of real estate development, such as successful apartment-condo conversion. Currently, he is the managing partner for several commercial properties and master plan land holdings, totaling over 30,000 acres in Arizona, Nevada, Colorado and Utah. At present, Mr. Hesser is overseeing the financing, acquisition and development of a gaming property in Laughlin, Nevada and managing a retail property location in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. Michael also published a Las Vegas home improvement magazine, where he developed excellent relationships with many of the local contractors and business owners. This publication had a distribution of approximately 500,000 issues per year and under his supervision, advertising revenues more than tripled. Eventually, the publication size had to be increased to over 100 pages in order to handle all the increased advertising space. Michael has the ability to manage complex client relationships and has a vast experience in contacting and developing new prospective clients. Using his skills as a successful negotiator and utilizing the implementation of various programs within companies, he has developed a strong and proven investment management expertise, including a partnership in Pueblo, Colorado with The American Nevada Corporation, which is 24,000 acres and is currently one of the largest acquisitions in the state of Colorado.

Michael also has an extensive background in hotel and restaurant management.

Be Ton is a Graduated from: Cal State Fullerton - 1990/BA Fullerton, CA

Major: Business, Economic, and Accounting Career Experience:

Be has two decades of experience working in financial planning, real estate, land development, and international investment. Her passion and goals are to help her clients achieve their financial goals. She has successfully created and implemented a creative financing through premium financing program to achieve her clients financial needs.

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