Royal Union Consulting investment philosophy is all about creating  value. Creating value begins with creating confidence. We have earned a trusted reputation in fields as diverse as real estate, hospitality, retail, financial and green technology. Value creation is the product of two disciplines: the correct identification of complex and misunderstood situations and the execution of a clear strategy to unlock the hidden solutions and value.  Our principals have been involved in over $1 Billion US of real estate and loan transactions.

Through our expertise in acquisitions, business development, and capital structure optimization, we are able to unlock that hidden value, often  found in companies that are subject to structural change, cyclical challenges, bankruptcy, debt restructuring or financial complexity.

Mr. Hesser is the managing partner for several commercial properties and master plan land holdings, totaling over 10,000 acres in several states. In addition, he is also oversees the financing, acquisition and development of a gaming property in Laughlin, Nevada as well as formerly managing a retail property located in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, prior to its recent sale at a record breaking price.


3275 S Jones Blvd, Suite 104

Las Vegas, NV 89146


T: 702 808-7355 Mike

T: 714 483-2542 Be

F: 702 948-1202

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