Royal Union Consulting investment philosophy is all about creating  value. Creating value begins with creating confidence. We have earned a trusted reputation in fields as diverse as real estate, hospitality, retail, financial and green technology. Value creation is the product of two disciplines: the correct identification of complex and misunderstood situations and the execution of a clear strategy to unlock the hidden solutions and value.  Our principals have been involved in over $1 Billion US of real estate and loan transactions.


Through our expertise in acquisitions, business development, and capital structure optimization, we are able to unlock that hidden value, often in companies that are subject to structural change, cyclical challenges, bankruptcy, debt restructuring or financial complexity.

Be Ton
Operational Management Insurance and Finance

Be is a graduated from Cal State Fullerton - 1990/BA

Major: Business, Economic, and Accounting  

Be has two decades of experience working in insurance, financial planning, real estate, land development, and international investment.

Her passion and goals are to help her clients achieve their financial objectives.

She has successfully created and implemented a creative financing through premium financing program to achieve her clients financial needs. 

Jeffrey Puckett
Corporate Strategy and
Information Technology 

Jeffrey graduated from Cornell University in 1991 and began working for a stock trading firm in San Diego as a trader and later as the firm's financial principal.

Jeffrey moved to Las Vegas and opened a new brokerage firm with a group of investors in 1999.

Then in 2009, Jeffrey moved to Costa Rico to work as a Consultant for an international trading company until 2015 when he began traveling to Asia and South America while researching new investment opportunities in the commodities business.

Michael Hesser
Real Estate Acquisitions and Management

Mike brings forty years of valuable experience in the field of real estate investment management. Prior to relocating to Las Vegas in 1989, he lived in Phoenix, Arizona, where he held the position of investment managing partner in a real estate partnership and was president of a real   estate investment management association.

Mike handled the acquisition disposition investment management of all real estate assets and carried out the structured financing. He not only excelled in the typical aspects of real estate, but also more in-depth areas, such as successful apartment condo conversions, senior living, and Eco-friendly projects. 

Vincent Hesser
Operations Director
VP Accounts

Vince, the Operations Director, has extensive experience in the design, planning, entitlement, and land development of thousands of acres within the United States. He has solid relationships with a wide array of banks and financial institutions, and has closed over $1 Billion USD of structured finance in real estate projects. 

Vince has a distinguishing track record for leading companies.  In the last twenty years, he founded a real estate and financial services firm. The firm was very well diversified and its various divisions provided land and equity financing, private lending, commercial and residential mortgage services, commercial and residential real estate services. In addition, the firm owned, developed, and managed real property. 


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